Owner Testimonials

Meet Our Featured Kooler Ice Machines Business Owner Angel Cabrera

After spending 20+ years in the software industry, Angel Cabrera and his wife decided it was time to find something they could do together that would be a fun and successful venture. After a little research, they came across Kooler Ice Vending Machines and the rest, as they say, is history! Since purchasing their first ice and water vending machine just a year and a half ago, Angel and his wife now own six Kooler Ice machines and have already chosen locations for two more. They own a mixture of IM2500s, IM1000s and IM500s that cater to the diverse needs of the coastal city of Jacksonville, FL.

Meet Kooler Ice Owner Richard Moore

Richard Moore, owner of Moore’s Auto Parts, started in the ice business back in 2009 in Covington, GA. After seeing several large expensive machines in the Covington area, Mr. Moore called Kooler Ice and purchased a KI810. After purchasing his first machine, Richard added 3 more machines over the next 5 years. Today Richard owns two KI810’s and two IM2500’s and is in the process of adding even more to his fleet.

Meet Kooler Ice Owner Jerry Bailey

Jerry Bailey has been working in the sales/service industry for a long time. Whether it was his portable toilet business that he retired from, or his Hog and Cattle farms that he still runs today, Jerry Bailey has never been one to back down from a hard day’s work. However, when Jerry noticed ice vending machines popping up around his area back in 2009, he saw a way that he could make money without having to work so hard, and without the need to hire/manage employees. After researching a few competitors, Jerry met with Jeff Dyson (Vice-President of Kooler Ice) and Kerry Seymour (President/Founder of Kooler Ice) and decided that based on price and the level of service he felt he would receive, Kooler Ice was the manufacturer he was going to take his shot with. Adding a machine per year ever since, today Jerry owns 6 machines all around the rural north Louisiana area and says that the machines are the best thing he’s ever done.

Hear what other Kooler Ice owners are saying!

  • Sean BoydHunting Entrepreneur

    Owner of Boyd Trucking and founder of Big Game Butter, Sean Boyd started out in the ice business at a very young age, bagging ice for his family’s convenience store.

  • Rhett AbercrombieRetired Allstate Agent

    After retiring as a successful Allstate agent, Rhett was looking for something to do to occupy his time and become a sound investment.

  • Billy ChamblissGrocery Store Owner

    Billy Chambliss, owner of Billy’s Supermarket in Catoula, GA, has been in business over 30 years, a business that he took over from his father who began it shortly after World War II.

  • Jon ByrdRestraunteur

    Jon Byrd has a successful restaurant, a mini-storage facility, a KFC franchise he inherited from his parents, and now a successful ice vending business.

  • Paul MooreC-Store and Car Wash Owner

    With his experience in convenience store sales, ice vending has always been an interest of his.

  • Marcus KittrellCar Wash Owner

    From a part-time job in high school to the Southeastern Car Wash Association President, Marcus Kittrell has been heavily involved in the car wash business for most of his life.

  • Marcella MitchellCar Wash Owner

    Marcella Mitchell has owned multiple car washes around the south Alabama area and is always looking for a way to better his investments.

  • Bill MitchellConstruction Manager

    Bill Mitchell is in the construction business and his company also manages and owns a few shopping centers and retail spaces where ice vending provides additional revenue streams.

  • Wilbur JusticeRetiree

    From childhood Wilbur Justice has had a hand in the ice business, back to the days when he used to haul ice blocks from Columbus back to his hometown of Ellaville, GA

  • Andrew BroseAustralian Car Wash Owner

    Andrew and his wife own a car wash and other businesses in Victoria, Australia and were looking for a way to diversify their revenue streams through ice vendin...