A Safe and Profitable Way to Sell Ice!

Now more than ever, consumers are in search of safe ways to purchase their everyday household needs. With Kooler Ice’s “Touchless Ice Delivery System” you are able to provide customers a safe way to buy their ice and water.

Consumers are beginning to turn down bagged ice sold in freezers or merchandisers. This is because, whether the ice was bagged by an employee or delivered by an ice company, they know the ice has encountered multiple touch points.

Our “Touchless Ice Delivery System” ensures customers that they are the first person to touch their bag of ice. There is no human interaction with the ice at any time during the dispensing of each bag. This decreases the possibility of contamination while ensuring our machines are the safest option for purchasing ice and water in to your area. 


The addition of a Kooler Ice vending machine makes sense with just about any business:

  • Product is made on-site by the machine – no more paying an ice company.
  • Fixed ice costs – your costs will not be tied to fuel costs
  • Increase your sales by offering fresh ice 24/7.
  • No inventory to monitor or order.
  • Minimal time and maintenance.
  • Increased profits and additional equity in your business.

Download the Retailer’s Guide to Ice Vending to learn more about how a Kooler Ice vending machine can turn your business into an ice destination!


KI Retailers guide cover 2020 – DRAFT

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