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COVID-19 has been causing much disruption during this time in our nation, our families, our communities and our businesses. Kooler Ice wants to let our customers, owners, investors, and employees know that we are taking this event very seriously and are doing all that we can to keep disruptions to a minimum while ensuring the safety and health of all those involved with our operations. 

Since 2008, Kooler Ice has designed all of our products with the consumers safety and health in mind. This includes being ETL Listed and NAMA certified, two product compliance certifications that show that every Kooler Ice machine is built to comply with U.S. Food and Drug Administration Public Health Service Model Food Code and the published safety standards of North America. Now more than ever, this is paramount. 

In addition to the compliance standards our machines meet, our “Touchless Ice Delivery System” ensures you are the first person to touch the bag of ice.  There is no human interaction with the ice at any time during the dispensing of each bag. This decreases the possibility of contamination while ensuring that our machines are the safest option for purchasing ice and water in your area.  To learn more about our closed system, watch the attached video here.  

If you are not familiar with the closest Kooler Ice machine in your area, you can download our locator app here

We encourage all consumers to practice safety and health guidelines while engaging in any type of commerce or public interaction. Including but not limited to:

  • Being sure to wipe down any public surfaces before touching them. 
  • Washing your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds before rinsing. 
  • Using hand sanitizer when a suitable hand washing area is unavailable.
  • Wiping down surfaces after use, such as buttons, bill acceptors, and/or credit card reader
  • Practicing social distancing by staying 6ft from other consumers while in public

Kooler Ice has been and always will be focused on ensuring the safety of our consumers, while also providing the best possible business opportunity for our owners. We know that we are a strong nation and that we have all endured many challenges in the past and we know that we will come through this as well – together!