Quality Hydration for Your Workplace

Eliminate single serve plastic bottles and ice deliveries for good with the only heavy duty high industrial built ice and water dispensers made.

Kooler Ice designed the Hydration Pro in response to OSHA’s Nationwide Heat Illness Prevention Campaign initiated in 2011. It meets the requirements set out by Cal/OSHA, which implemented its regulations and mandated compliance for several industries as of May 1, 2015.

The Hydration Pro provides an excellent source of clean ice and water, meeting these regulations:

  • Clean, fresh, and pure filtered water

  • Potable water that is free from odors

  • Water that can be cooled to acceptable levels

  • Water is provided in a sterile and economical way

  • A source where cool water replenishment is readily available

  • Ability to provide 2 gallons of water per employee per 8-hour shift 


 The savings from the Hydration Pro are significant and can be exponential because the machine is built to last 15 -20+ years (ice maker life is expected to be 10-15 years). Best of all, employees love the high-quality Ice and Water and its easy use.

  • Saves Money.  No more paying for Ice or Water to be delivered.

  • Saves Time.  No more Ice or Water ordering, receiving, invoicing, or storage.

  • Increases Efficiency.  Place indoors or outdoors to optimize your space and workflow.

  • Promotes Health & Safety.  Better hydration results in better performance.

  • Simple to Manage.  Easy to maintain, outstanding support available when needed.

  • Flexibility.  Place indoors or outdoors and easy to relocate.

  • Long Lasting.  Unlike a metal frame, the aluminum alloy frame is built to last decades and is slow to rust.  Small components are plug-and-play and easy to replace over time.

  • Environmentally Friendly.  Supports your ‘green’ initiative by eliminating the need for water bottles, plastic bags, and refrigeration.

  • Tax Savings.  It can be depreciated and qualifies for IRS Section 179 tax deduction.


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Packaged Ice in the USA is a $4 billion per year industry, historically dominated by ice delivery companies.  Ice is produced in a central location and then hauled to stores and marked up for resale.  This method is capital, labor, and fuel intensive.  As their costs increase with inflation, retailers must raise prices and sell smaller bags.

Kooler Ice provides a disruptive technology that gets to the heart of the issue.  By making, storing, auto-bagging, and dispensing the ice fresh on-site…without needing an attendant… the consumer gets better quality ice, better 24/7 curbside convenience, and a better price.  Your expense to produce a bag of ice is a small fraction of what the ice delivery companies must charge, allowing plenty of wiggle room to offer a ‘deal’ to your customers with high profit margins.

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With our HYDRATION PRO water vending machine tailored for workplaces, you can access an industrial-strengthhydration solution that connects to your water supply, drain, and electrical supply to provide continuous Ice and filtered Water availability on a large scale. The best part is that employees, athletes, and others love its quick simplicity and high-quality ice and water! Our dedicated Sales Experts are available to provide guidance, site analysis, and extra resources to support your workplace needs.
The Hydration Pro can be utilized wherever staying hydrated is a priority!  Some typical applications include:

  • Agriculture Event Facilities Oil & Gas Extraction
  • Commissaries Landscaping Sports Facilities
  • Construction Manufacturing Transfer Stations
  • Distribution Centers, Military Warehouses, Etc.

Kooler Ice has interviewed companies to secure financing partners for our business owners.

After a meticulous evaluation process, Leaf Financial and CapCity Finance have demonstrated outstanding expertise in developing finance programs tailored to meet the specific requirements of our ice vending businesses.

Their comprehensive understanding of our industry’s nuances makes them the ideal partners for our financing needs.

Hydration Pro - Kooler Ice Vending Machines

First, visit our website and fill out our Request a Quote Form.

A Regional Sales Manager will contact you for a free consultation and provide personalized advice and insights tailored to your location and business aspirations.


Powerful – Stores up to 550lbs of ice with daily ice production up to 1000lbs or 100 (10) lb bags per day. Practically unlimited filtered water capability.

Quick & Simple –Dispenses ice and filtered water instantly on demand by pressing down a button and releasing when done.

Place Indoors or Outdoors – Place strategically to maximize efficiency and reduce the time it takes to get ice and water.

Versatile – Accommodates most any container size, from a 1-quart personal container up to a 10-gallon cooler.

Bagging Attachment – Makes bags available and simple to fill within the vending station.

High Quality, Clean Safe Ice – The Hydration Pro is a closed system. The ice and water are dispensed, there are no scoops or ice buckets required. Just push the button and get safe, clean, high-quality ice and water.

Purified Water – The Hydration Pro comes standard with filtered water and Reverse Osmosis filtration can be added for purified ice and water. RO is commonly used where water quality is poor.

Remote Monitoring – Receive important machine alerts to your phone app, computer, or tablet. This feature also enables us to see your machine’s diagnostics when you contact our support.

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Are you feeling frustrated and stressed due to lost revenue and dissatisfied customers? Our reliable, high-capacity vending machines could be the perfect solution for you.


If you have any questions about the ice vending industry, Kooler Ice is here to help. We want to ensure that you have all the information you need to make the best choice for you and your family. Our team is ready to answer your questions and provide you with the peace of mind you need. We look forward to hearing from you!

How many years have you been in business?

The Hydration Pro is created, manufactured, and supported by Kooler Ice, Inc. in Byron, Georgia. Kooler Ice is a leading company in the industry of Ice and Water Vending Machines, with 17 years of experience. With over 2400+ machines operating in the U.S. and 5 other countries, Kooler Ice is well-equipped to support its Hydration Pro product line. Although the Hydration Pro doesn’t have vending components on the machine like our traditional products, we decided to showcase this product through its own website. Nevertheless, the product remains a crucial part of Kooler Ice’s Ice and Water Machine lineup.

How long will the Hydration Pro last?

Introducing the Hydration Pro, the first heavy-duty industrial-built bottle-less water dispenser and ice dispenser. These units feature industrial components with heavy-duty aluminum frames, ensuring long-lasting durability. With regular maintenance, we expect our customers to enjoy the benefits of the Hydration Pro Plus for at least 15 years before newer technology emerges. Designed to function both indoors and outdoors, the HP Plus offers versatility similar to our outdoor ice and water vending machines.

Why is the Hydration Pro more expensive than a bottle-less water dispenser sold online?

The Hydration Pro is a heavy-duty industrial design built to last 15-20 years. The frame is made from high-strength industrial alloy, are insulated, and have PLCs with Lexan Panels. This model has ice makers. In The Hydration Pro , the ice is dispensed out of the machine to the end user. It is suitable for heavy use and heavy production environments, meant for indoors and outdoors. This water dispenser is not meant to be disposed of after a short period of time.

What utilities are required?

Electrical: The Hydration Pro Plus (with ice) requires 220 Volts / 50 amps.

*To make installation easy, a chord kit can be ordered with the HP Plus. The female receptacle is sent out ahead of time to the customer to be installed before machine delivery.

Water: It requires a 1/2” water line.

Drain Lines: It requires a 1/2” drain line.

What kind of warranty is offered on the machines?

We offer a 1-year factory warranty on the full machine. The ice makers offered in both units come standard with a 3-year full warranty and 2 additional years on the compressor, condenser, and evaporator.

How is the machine installed?

First, we will send you install drawings to share with your maintenance staff to get the water lines and female receptacle plug ready for the machine.

Second, we will ship the machine to your location, and you can simply plug the machine in, attach the water lines and go to work. If you want us to deliver, train, and assist in the installation, we can do this as well for $1,000 – $1,500 dependent upon your location.


Kooler Ice provides owners with a 1-800 hotline in the first year. The hotline is open from 8 am to 8 pm every day of the year. If you have an issue or have a question about the machine, call the 1-800 line, and we will walk you through any problem. If it is an ice maker issue, we can dispatch a Hoshizaki Ice Care professional to your location to address any issues with the ice maker.  Kooler Ice also uses these same technicians and approved area service personnel to support our customers in the U.S.  Organizationally, support is one of our core values at Kooler Ice, Inc.

What kind of maintenance is required on the machine?

Our machine comes standard with a Reverse Osmosis filtration System. The RO System has multiple stages of filtration to provide a high-quality product. In addition to wiping down and cleaning the outside of the machine with a standard disinfectant, you will need to replace (1) carbon and (1) sediment pre-filter approximately every 90-120 days. Both filters screw on and are easy to replace. 

In addition to the carbon and sediment pre-filters, the Hydration Pro has two reverse osmosis filters on the unit that eliminate 95%+ of all total dissolved solids that run through the filter. We measure the total dissolved solids with a simple digital meter.

The Hydration Pro has one reverse osmosis filter. All RO Filters are generally replaced 1x each year. This process will take about 30 minutes to replace. Directions and videos are provided on quickly replacing the RO membrane.

The last items that must be replaced in the Hydration Pro are the UV light and the final carbon filter.  These also require replacement 1x per year and can be replaced in approximately 15 minutes.

Do you have a monitoring system?

For as little as $20.00 per month, the Hydration Pro Plus can be equipped with our IceTalk monitoring system. This system provides users with alerts on the ice maker and the water filtration system. We also receive these alerts so if you have an issue, you can call our 1-800 line, and we can use the monitoring system to trouble shoot your machine remotely. The IceTalk system is a great way to keep your uptime high and your downtime low.