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February 12, 2024

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Kooler ice vending machines | There are two ways for a machine to be delivered. First is a simple direct shipment of the machine with a 3rd party transportation company; we call that a drop ship method. In this method, there is always risk for damage, leaving owners wondering if their machine will arrive safe and secure. Be aware that if there is damage to the machine, it is up to you to report the damage immediately. You may want to refuse the load if the damage is visible. You will need to find out who is going to pursue reimbursement for the damage and who is filing the insurance claim that might be required, both of which can be time consuming. Additionally, you will need to determine how the machine will be fixed and coordinate that service work with the manufacturer. It is very important to take pictures immediately and document any damages before unloading the machine. Also, make sure you communicate regularly with your manufacturer so there are no surprises as to when the machine is expected to arrive to ensure you are there when the unit is dropped off. You do not want it dropped off with damage when you are not there to inspect the unit.

The other way of having your machine delivered is with a turn key delivery service. Manufacturers, like Kooler Ice, will send a dedicated and highly-trained technician with every machine ensuring your ice vending machine is delivered safely, with no hassles for you to deal with. You will be contacted, a delivery appointment will be scheduled, and they will arrive at your job site with your machine in tow.

Kooler ice vending machines | If you are too far from the plant where a 3rd party trucker is required, they will make sure every load is secured properly and that each shipper has the appropriate cargo insurance to protect your equipment. Additionally, under the turnkey service, Kooler Ice will have a service technician at the delivery point to inspect the load before removing the machine to make sure there are no damages to the machine during transportation.

Either way, with turn key service, the guesswork is taken out of the delivery experience by ensuring that your machine is protected and safe during transit.

  1. Who is responsible for unloading the machine, and who will run the forklift?
  2. Who is responsible for assembling the machine?
  3. What if there are leaks and repairs needed on startup? Who will be doing those repairs?
  4. Will I receive any training on the machine’s operation? What happens if something isn’t working?
Kooler ice vending machines | With Drop Ship Service, you will be required to operate or hire a forklift operator to transfer the machine to its final location, and if the unit is dropped or damaged, you will be responsible for any damages. So it’s best to hire a 3rd party forklift operator who has insurance in case there are any issues. You will also be responsible for leveling the machine and putting it in its final location.

With Turn Key Service, like Kooler Ice offers, all Service Technicians are certified and insured to drive a 5000 lb forklift, making the installation of your machine seamless at the point of delivery. In addition to getting the machine safely to your location, our technicians will assist you in placing the machine in its proper position at the final location – including leveling the machine to ensure proper operation once installed.

Kooler ice vending machines | Kooler ice vending machines |

With Drop Ship Service, depending on the manufacturer, you will likely be responsible for final assembly of the machine. This may involve putting in the filters, checking for any damages after travel, checking all components before turning on the unit, and managing utility hookups. If you will not be doing the assembly, you will be responsible for planning and scheduling the assembly by a third-party service provider.

With Turn Key Service, manufacturers like Kooler Ice will provide a technician who will manage any assembly of the unit on-site to ensure that it is put together properly. They will also oversee your contractors making sure the utilities are properly hooked up before turning the machine on to ensure the unit functions correctly on startup. With turnkey service, you will have an experienced tech on-site to ensure that everything goes smoothly on this exciting day!

Kooler ice vending machines | Kooler ice vending machines |

With Drop Ship Service, you are responsible for final assembly of the machine. If there are any unforeseen issues with delivery and setup where adjustments, repairs, or troubleshooting needs to occur, it will be up to you to handle the situation and get it resolved. So knowing your responsibilities if an issue or problem arises will help you be prepared for unforeseen circumstances.

With Turn Key Service, you will have a qualified, professional service technician on site the entire time your machine is being delivered, assembled and started up. They will oversee the entire start up process from unloading and placement of the machine, to assembly, startup and training. If there are any leaks, mechanical issues or damage to the unit, the service technician will ensure everything is fixed before the machine is started up and put into service.

Kooler ice vending machines | Kooler ice vending machines |

With Drop Ship Service: Some companies provide a brief product overview via video or an over-the-phone recording. They do not provide you with in-depth training on-site at your machine. So, this is more of a learn-as-you-go process. You will likely have to call the manufacturer to troubleshoot the machine and to receive training.

With Turn Key Service: After reviewing and confirming all machine functions are a go, and you are comfortable with your new machine, we will thoroughly go over the entire machine and show you how all components work, including how the machine bags ice automatically, what their functions are, how to add bags, replace filters, remove money, reset systems and basic troubleshooting of the machine. We will then turn the keys over to you and provide you with our 1-800 line to call if you have any questions or concerns after we leave. Also, after 2-3 days of operation and familiarization with the machine, we will schedule a follow-up call to train you on our monitoring system and iPhone App and to introduce you to our online parts store, service team, and other personnel in the company that is there to assist and support you in your new ice vending business! With a turn key service like Kooler Ice offers, the goal is to make the delivery process a stress-free, exciting time for new owners!

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