Build up your ice inventory for peak days.  Double your output with a 2nd ice maker later as needed.

Variety of Payment Options

The ice vending machines accept Cash, Coin, Credit Card, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and Coupons sold at the counter or used in marketing.

Premium Water Filtration

Provide outstanding quality Ice and also Water in 1-gallon and 5-gallon increments.

ICETALK™ Remote Monitoring

Easily manage your machine from your phone app or computer.

 Best Mid-Sized in Ice VendiNG

The IM1500 is the perfect stand-alone machine. The unit was designed to provide big production with a reduced footprint and will easily fit in one parking space requiring less than 50 sq. feet to place the unit. With a 1500lb. Ice storage bin and the ability to add a 2nd ice makers if needed, the IM1500 will meet most production requirements.


The unit comes with our “Icetalk™” Machine Management System, allowing you to monitor over 20 machine functions from your smartphone, iPad, or laptop. It also enables free vending and remote bill validator reset.

You can also add a second Scotsman Ice Maker, a Filtered Water Vending Station, a Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Vending Station, a Credit/Debit Card Reader, Vend Selection Buttons, a Lighting Package, and a Heating Unit to the machines.

Our machines are durable, environmentally friendly, and operable in colder climates. They are ADA-compliant ETL listed and NAMA certified.

It also features:

  • One Scotsman C1848 Prodigy Ice Maker (Rated at 1909lbs of Ice in 24 Hours)
  • High-strength, corrosion-free Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • Food-grade molded plastic Insulated Storage Bin
  • No refrigeration required
  • Adjustable Vend Rate, allowing Owners to set and change pricing.
  • “Smart” Features” like automatic notification if the machine runs out of ice or bags.
  • Easy change water filter with Replacement recommended every six months

Machine Dimensions:Kooler ice vending machines |69″ Wide (Front) x 102″ Deep(w/Trough) x 117″ Tall

  • Total Machine Weight: 2,450 lbs
  • Bin Storage Capacity: 1,500 lbs
  • Bag Holder Capacity: Up to 500 bags with an easy bag-changing system
  • MEI Extended Bill Cartridge: Holds up to 750 bills
  • Power Supply: 220V, Single Phase Electric with 100 amp Service
  • Plumbing: ¾” Water Supply Line with 2” Drainage Line
  • Optional 2nd Scotsman Ice Maker
  • Filtered or Reverse Osmosis Water Vending Station
  • ePort Credit Card Reader
  • LED Lighting Kit
  • Heating Unit
  • One Vend Coupons

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