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Business Partners


Scotsman is a worldwide leader in ice machine manufacturers and offers a large network of dealers and service centers throughout the U.S. We use “The Prodigy” line of ice makers due to their unmatched features, serviceability and support.

WARRANTY: 3 Years Parts / 3 Years Labor on the full Machine, 5 Years Parts / 5 Years Labor on the Evaporator and 5 years Parts Warranty on the Compressor and the Condenser.

Smart Features

Siemens has developed the electronics and PLC components for our machine. With this technology, the machine displays alerts and important machine functions on an LCD panel inside the machine. The LCD panel also has resettable counters to track sales. The unit displays a “Sold Out” message on the front panel when it is out of ice or bags.

Remote Access is now available. A modem is hard-wired into the machine allowing remote access to important machine information. The machine will text message the owner if the unit is out of ice or bags, if a door is opened, or if a “fault” code is issued. The user can also text the machine to dispense ice, re-set the bill validator, or he can call the machine and get sales info at any time.  Click here for more info.

WARRANTY: One Year Parts and Labor


MARS/MEI is also an industry leader and their system is easy to operate and service. The machine accepts $1 and $5 bills and will hold up to 500 bills. A Credit Card Reader option is available for an additional charge.

WARRANTY: One Year Parts and Labor


Conlux manufactures the coin validator which accepts Quarters, Dimes and Nickels and can hold $74.00 in change (3Q, 1D, 1N Slots). An overflow bucket holds excess change and coin tubes automatically re-load. Their exchangers are sold world-wide and are simple and reliable.

WARRANTY: One Year Parts and Labor


Made of High Strength Aluminum, our frames are durable and will provide long lasting, rust-free life while housing the above listed valuable components.All of the Kooler Ice Vending Machine components are “PLUG AND PLAY”. Almost all of the components can be easily removed and replaced by you or your personnel, making servicing the Kooler Ice machine extremely simple.


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