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Fix your ice problem or add ice to your existing business.

You paid a premium for your location. Make it work for you!

A ice and water vending machine would be an excellent way to create an additional revenue stream that works for you 24 hours a day, rain or shine, whether your business is open or not – and all of your SALES AND PROFITS ARE YOUR OWN! 

Our user-friendly units make, bag, store and dispense FRESH water, on demand, without an attendant. They accept cash/coin, credit, debit, tokens and coupons.

We have several models available so you can tailor your ice and water vending machine to the space you have and the demand you anticipate at your business.

You already have everything on-site that you would need to start bringing in additional revenue from this independent profit center – whether you sell ice now or not.

With a low up-front investment, you can generate immediate cash flow with a product that offers a high return on investment with no limit to its income potential!

Do the math!

  • Product is made on-site by the machine – no more paying an ice company
  • Fixed ice costs – your costs will not be tied to fuel costs
  • Increase your sales by offering fresh ice 24/7
  • No inventory to monitor or order
  • No theft, spoilage, lost inventory or stockouts
  • Use this asset to create an additional revenue stream

Add it all up and it equals…

  • Higher gross profits
  • Lower product costs
  • Minimal time and maintenance
  • Increased profits and additional equity in your business

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