Simplicity, Efficiency, Quality & Integrity. That’s our way of doing business!

Kooler Ice was founded in 2007 and – in a short time – has aggressively and successfully established itself as the leading manufacturer of ice and water vending machines in the world. Kooler Ice offers the largest product line in the Ice and Water Vending Industry. To date, we have sold more than 1,600 ice and water vending machines in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Bahamas and France.

Kooler Ice is committed to building the highest quality ice and water machines in the market today. We have designed reliable, cost-efficient machines that are easy to operate and maintain while offering optimal production for our owners at a fair price.

We are located in Byron, GA in a 45,000 square foot “lean” manufacturing facility. We have trained and developed a high-quality workforce that is passionate and focused on building the best ice and water vending machines possible for our customers. Our senior management team has extensive experience in the manufacturing, marketing, sales, and service of industrial products.

Over the past 13 years, in addition to building a quality product, we have invested in our monitoring system, portal and several iPhone Applications to help our owners maintain their machines and manage their business while building brand awareness, product support while ensuring our products offer the best resale value on the market.

Our Vision

In June of 2006, after seeing several ice and water vending machines operating in Georgia and Florida, we saw market opportunity – and felt there was a better, more cost-efficient and space-efficient way to design the ice and water vending machine.

We envisioned a machine that was much less expensive, while being compact, energy-efficient and highly productive. Our design criteria was straightforward – make it productive, efficient, reliable, and easy to service and maintain. We knew that by doing this we would offer our owners lower up-front costs and a better return on investment, as well as have a portable machine that could be positioned into almost any application, whether storefront or freestanding.

We see our relationship with our owners as a partnership. And as a partnership, we have set up a system to provide our owners with the best sales, service and marketing support to ensure that our owners are successful and pleased with their experience.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring the consumer a new and innovative means of purchasing the highest quality ice product available, at a competitive price, in a uniquely convenient way which protects the environment and improves upon the current delivery and purchasing options available today providing our owners and their customers a product with undisputed quality and value.

Our Business Principles

  • We will conduct our business in a professional manner, striving to ensure that the quality of our product is consistent and our machines are reliable and user friendly.
  • We will treat our owners and their customers as we expect to be treated, valuing the customer, and the satisfaction of our customers, as a top priority.
  • We will offer an outstanding product, at a fair and competitive price, so that we can attract and sustain a loyal client base. We will continue to innovate and offer our owners the best machine design and technology available so that their businesses may continue to grow and thrive.
  • We will continue to look for opportunities to expand and offer our products into surrounding areas and markets that can benefit from our product, increasing our market share and enhancing our brand identity to increase the value, and re-sale value, of our machines for our owners.