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IM2500 Series II

IM2500 Series II

The IM2500 Series II ice vending machine keeps production high – and machine costs low!

The Kooler Ice IM2500 Series II is our largest and most productive ice vending machine yet, and it is quickly becoming our top selling model!

The IM2500 Series II, like our other Kooler Ice Vending machine models, offers owners outstanding style, technology, and features that are sure to attract the consumer’s attention and make your business rewarding and profitable! After watching other manufacturers develop large, complex, and operationally expensive ice vending machines, Kooler Ice set out to design a highly productive, user-friendly, cost- efficient machine at a significantly lower price than the other machines on the market!

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ice vending machine, ice vending, ice vending machine business, ice vending business



The KI810 Ice Vending Machine is the original Kooler machine. After watching other manufacturers develop and introduce larger, more complex and operationally expensive machines, we set out to design a more efficient and owner-friendly version.

Our goal was to offer an ice vending machine that was cost-friendly for soon-to-be business owners with more than adequate production to handle most locations – but one that could do so with a small footprint and low operation costs. The money our owners do not have to spend on setup and operating costs allows them to increase their bottom line profits.

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ice vending machine, ice vending, ice vending machine business, ice vending business


The HYDRATION PRO “Ice and Water to Go”

The First Industrial-Sized Ice and Water Dispenser.

The HYDRATION PRO is an industrial strength ice and water dispensing machine that is built to last! It can be placed outside or inside your facility and connected to your existing water and electrical supply to produce an unlimited supply of fresh filtered water and up to 1900lbs of ice daily.

Why the Hydration Pro?

  • Outdoors or indoors – the Hydration Pro can go outdoors where ice is usually required providing better access to everyone and cutting down on trips to get ice and water.
  • Affordable – the Hydration Pro can be financed for as little as $449.00 per month!
  • Versatile – the Hydration Pro can dispense ice and filtered water into various container sizes from a 1 quart personal container to a 10 gallon water cooler
  • Eco-friendly – the Hydration Pro can be used to eliminate plastic bottles and ice bags to meet your company’s “Green Initiative.”
  • High Quality Clean Safe Ice – the Hydration Pro is a closed system. The ice and water are dispensed, there are no scoops or ice buckets required. Just push the button and get safe, clean, high quality ice and water.
  • Purified Water – the Hydration Pro comes standard with filtered water, however, an optional Reverse Osmosis system can be added to provide purified ice and water.
  • Bagging Attachment – bag your own ice with the bagging attachment and transport ice in and around your facility providing you pre-packaged ice for larger events or venues.

The HYDRATION PRO ice and water dispenser was designed in response to OSHA’s Nationwide Heat Illness Prevention Campaign which was initiated in 2011, and meets the requirements set out by Cal/OSHA, which implemented its regulations and mandated compliance for a number of industries as of May 1, 2015. It provides an excellent source of clean ice and meets these regulations:

  • Potable Water which is free from odors
  • Clean, fresh and pure filtered water
  • Water which can be cooled to acceptable levels
  • Water in a sterile (and economical) way
  • A source where water replenishment is readily available
  • Ability to provide 2 Gallons of water per employee per eight hour shift

To operate the unit, simply push a button to automatically receive ice, and push another button to get water. The machine can accommodate many different sizes of containers and the product will flow into the container continuously until the button is released; allowing users to fill their personal containers quickly and easily. Oversized containers can be filled quickly and efficiently and the ice to water ratio can be controlled by the user making it ideal for industries that anticipate the need for high volume water supply needs. View the video below to see just how it works.

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The HYDRATION PRO eliminates need to order and manage ice and water supplies, schedule and accept deliveries of ice and water, or arrange for storage of these supplies. And, the cost over time for the machine is far less than retail pricing and is far more cost and time efficient than purchasing ice/water through a traditional vendor. The machine was designed to be energy efficient and reliable, so it is ready to use whenever you need ice or water – without waiting. It will save Employers time and money while improving employee well-being and safety.