Unlock the Potential of your Property: Lease you Land for Ice Vending!

With countless investors on the hunt for strategic locations, your property holds untapped potential. By leasing your land for ice vending, you open the door to a steady revenue stream without the complexities of business management. 

Whether you own a large lot, a retail space, or any other property, Kooler Ice owners offer a hassle-free partnerships. Let one of our local investors handle the operational details while you enjoy the benefits of a passive income. Dive into this opportunity today and explore what your land can truly offer!

Maximize your Passive Income with no Investment Required.

Every square foot of your property can be more than just land – it can be an avenue for growth and opportunity. Many landowners are unaware of the revenue-generating potential that sits right beneath their feet. By partnering with Kooler Ice, you’re not just leasing out a space and increasing your revenue, but are also driving new customers to your property and increasing your businesses traffic or properties value as well.  Below, we’ve outlined some key advantages that come with making this strategic choice:

  • Generate consistent monthly revenue.
  • Low maintenance or operational concerns.
  • Boost the value and functionality of unused spaces.
  • Attract more customers  to your existing businesses.  
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Kooler Ice’s “Touchless Ice Delivery System”

Since 2007, all Kooler Ice Vending Machines have been built using our patented “Touchless Ice Delivery System”. This ensures that you are the the first person to touch the bag of ice. There is no human interaction with the ice at any time during the dispensing of each bag.

It also decreases the possibility of contamination while ensuring that our machines are the safest option for purchasing ice and water in your area.

Machine Owner Testimonials

Richard Moore – Covington, GA

Richard Moore, owner of Moore’s Auto Parts, started in the ice business back in 2009 in Covington, GA. After seeing several large expensive machines in the Covington area, Mr. Moore called Kooler Ice and purchased a KI810. After purchasing his first machine, Richard added 3 more machines over the next 5 years. Today Richard owns two KI810’s and two IM2500’s and is in the process of adding even more to his fleet.

Angel Cabrera – Jacksonville, FL

After spending 20+ years in the software industry, Angel Cabrera and his wife decided it was time to find something they could do together that would be a fun and successful venture. After a little research, they came across Kooler Ice Vending Machines and the rest, as they say, is history! Since purchasing their first ice and water vending machine just a year and a half ago, Angel and his wife now own six Kooler Ice machines and have already chosen locations for two more. They own a mixture of IM2500s, IM1000s and IM500s that cater to the diverse needs of the coastal city of Jacksonville, FL.