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Are you paying higher prices for smaller bags of Ice from your supplier? Tired of dealing with theft, spoilage, and stockouts? You can eliminate these problems altogether when you invest in your own Kooler Ice machine!

Regain operational control and give your customers exactly what they want… Better Quality Ice in a Bigger Bag for a Better Price, with 24/7 Curbside Availability. Plus, start using Ice creatively as a marketing tool to drive sales, since your costs are so low

To invest, store owners often take advantage of ‘100% Financing’ and the ‘Section 179 Tax Deduction.’ This tax break may lower your investment by 30% if you’re showing a profit on your taxes.

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Packaged Ice in the USA is a $4 billion per year industry, historically dominated by ice delivery companies.  Ice is produced in a central location and then hauled to stores and marked up for resale.  This method is capital, labor, and fuel intensive.  As their costs increase with inflation, retailers must raise prices and sell smaller bags.

Kooler Ice provides a disruptive technology that gets to the heart of the issue.  By making, storing, auto-bagging, and dispensing the ice fresh on-site…without needing an attendant… the consumer gets better quality ice, better 24/7 curbside convenience, and a better price.  Your expense to produce a bag of ice is a small fraction of what the ice delivery companies must charge, allowing plenty of wiggle room to offer a ‘deal’ to your customers with high profit margins.

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Looking for an affordable ice bag solution? With our on-site ice-making machine, you can say goodbye to pricey ice suppliers. Our fixed ice costs ensure that your expenses won’t fluctuate with fuel prices. By offering fresh ice 24/7 in various sizes, you can boost sales and profitability. There’s no need to manage inventory, and maintenance is minimal, leading to increased profits and business equity. If you need assistance, our Sales Experts are ready to offer guidance, site analysis, and extra resources to support you.


Kooler Ice has interviewed companies to secure financing partners for our business owners.

After a meticulous evaluation process, Leaf Financial and CapCity Finance have demonstrated outstanding expertise in developing finance programs tailored to meet the specific requirements of our ice vending businesses.

Their comprehensive understanding of our industry’s nuances makes them the ideal partners for our financing needs.

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The first step is to visit our website and fill out the Retailer’s Form.

You will receive a comprehensive and detailed guide to starting and running an Ice Vending Machine Business upon submission.

In addition, you can schedule a free consultation with one of our knowledgeable regional sales managers, who can provide personalized advice and insights tailored to your specific location and business aspirations.

INside OPerations

Step inside the Kooler Ice Plant and experience the manufacturing mastery behind the creation of Kooler Ice Vending Machines. Explore our cutting-edge machinery, efficient processes, and unwavering commitment to quality. From selecting premium water sources to advanced filtration systems, every step is designed with the customer in mind. Join us on this captivating journey into the heart of ice manufacturing excellence. Subscribe for more insights into our commitment to delivering the finest ice products.

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If you have any questions about the ice vending industry, Kooler Ice is here to help. We want to ensure that you have all the information you need to make the best choice for you and your family. Our team is ready to answer your questions and provide you with the peace of mind you need. We look forward to hearing from you!


When making a decision, it’s important to consider the long-term success and reputation of ice vending machine manufacturers. Kooler Ice has been a key player in the industry since July 2007, producing over 2400 machines. They focus on establishing a strong market presence and brand recognition to ensure that their machines maintain their value. This commitment to their products and customers demonstrates their dedication to the industry as well as the success of machine owners. Kooler Ice strives for their machines to have the best resale value in the ice vending machine industry, and they invest in marketing and advertising the Kooler Ice brand. The company is dedicated to the ice machine manufacturing industry, their owners, and their success and profitability.


There are two types of ice vending machines on the market today: machines that automatically bag the ice and those that require the customer to bag their ice. Providing an ice vending machine that automatically bags the ice requires investment in technology and research.

It is important to offer this option because it aims to provide customers with a safe, quick, and convenient way to purchase fresh ice. When the customer bags the ice, the safety and sterility of the ice can be compromised, as contact with the bagging area, bags, and the ice itself can lead to contamination. This also adds extra steps, instructions, and time, reducing the quick and convenient aspect.

Additionally, when customers need to bag the ice themselves, it can limit sales based on the machine’s ability to be stocked with or mechanically dispense bags. Furthermore, there is a risk of patrons taking more than one bag, leading to financial loss.

In contrast, the Kooler Ice Vending machine automatically makes, stores, bags, and dispenses fresh ice on demand. When the customer selects the quantity of ice needed, it is delivered pre-bagged with no risk of contamination.


After extensive field tests and feedback from our owners, we determined that producing new ice was more cost-effective than trying to preserve it. As a result, we decided to eliminate the refrigeration unit and stainless steel bin.

Instead, we designed a food-grade plastic, foam-injected ice bin, significantly reducing utility and upfront costs for our owners while increasing their monthly profits.

This new design also provides a surface that is easier to clean and maintain, ensuring a more consistent manufacturing process and ultimately improving customer satisfaction.


Looking to invest in a new pickup truck, tractor, or ice vending machine? Consider this: the frame is the backbone of the unit, determining its durability and future resale value.

At Kooler Ice, we bring over 100 years of combined fabrication experience. Our machines boast heavy-duty aluminum frames with stainless steel components, ensuring long-lasting performance. Moreover, our machines can be rebuilt to meet new production standards, offering extended service life.


To set up a Kooler Ice Vending machine, you’ll need a 0.5 to 0.75” water line and 220V Single Phase Power. Our installation process is quick and easy. A standard 5000lb forklift will be used to move the machine from the trailer and put it in place. Our trained service technician will handle the installation, which typically takes just a few hours.

While setting up the machine, our service tech will provide a detailed explanation of the machine’s functions, maintenance, and basic troubleshooting tips for you and your team. For machines placed in a parking lot or away from the building, we recommend using a concrete pad with bollards for protection.

In some cases, tie downs may be necessary. Your sales representative will work with you to determine the best installation method for your specific location. Kooler Ice provides drawings for all installation sets for your electrician, plumber, or pad layer to use. They can also contact us with any questions they may have.


When considering your purchase, it is important to inquire about the testing conducted by the ice machine manufacturer to ensure the safety of their product.


Kooler participates in the NAMA machine evaluation program, which assesses ice and water vending machines according to federal guidelines for sanitation and consumer safety. This voluntary program means that our products are independently evaluated to ensure compliance with all Federal Guidelines for sanitation and consumer safety. Each year, Kooler Ice is visited by a representative of NAMA to certify our machines and any new products or updates that we have introduced.


Kooler Ice has also made investments in having their machines ETL certified to UL 541 Standards. This thorough evaluation ensures that owners are protected and can be confident that Kooler Ice adheres to all national electrical codes and standards.


Many municipalities and health departments are now requiring this certification. Therefore, regardless of which vending machine you purchase, make sure the manufacturer certifies its machines under the NAMA machine evaluation program and has its machines UL or ETL certified to protect you, your customers, and your investment!


Kooler Ice offers all owners access to our 1-800 Service Support Hotline, which is available 7 days a week from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. This hotline is specifically for you.

Although our machines are designed to be easy to operate and maintain, our Kooler Ice Hotline is there to assist you with any questions you may have, whether they’re about the machine or more technical in nature.

When you call, you will speak to one of our trained service representatives. Our service hotline is one of the reasons why our customer satisfaction ratings are so high.

Additionally, we have an online parts store where you can conveniently search for parts, maintenance items, and promotional products.


At our core, we uphold values of integrity and unwavering commitment to our owners. We consider our owners as long-term partners and are deeply devoted to guiding them in selecting the perfect equipment for their locations, imparting knowledge on managing and operating their machines, delivering thorough support before and after the sale, and attentively considering their input on enhancing our designs, technology, and service. We provide unwavering support to our owners in all aspects, including marketing, to ensure their triumph and foster the growth of their business. Count on us to be there whenever you need us, now and in the future.