Join the movement! Start your own ice vending business from the ground up.

The ice vending business is the next “BIG” thing.

The ice vending business is one of the few legitimate businesses that requires very little time and effort,
but still offers high profits in a growing, $4 billion industry!


The Kooler Ice vending machine offers owners and investors an excellent way to create an additional revenue stream that can earn for you 24/7 – rain or shine!.

An ice vending machine can be started as a new business or used as an additional income stream.

Our user-friendly units make, store, bag and dispense FRESH ice and sell filtered water, on demand, without an attendant. They accept cash/coin, credit, debit, tokens and coupons and offer a uniquely convenient way for consumers to buy ice. It is fast becoming the preferred way to purchase ice!

Ice vending machines are a better, more convenient way to bring ice to the consumer. There is no possibility of having the product come out clumped together, tasting stale, or in a damaged or dirty bag. It is an innovative way to buy ice and water, and both can be sold from the same machine, maximizing your income potential from one investment source.

Advantages for Ice Vending Business Owners:

  • Low up front costs
  • High long-term profitability
  • Immediate cash flow
  • No limit to potential income
  • Product is made on-site by the machine
  • Works for you 24/7 without employees
  • Can be monitored remotely for easy management
  • Low maintenance and operating costs

Advantages for Ice Vending Customers:

  • Great tasting, fresh ice and water
  • Less expensive than traditional bagged ice
  • Available 24/7 – when they want to buy it
  • No waiting in line
  • Fun to use!
  • It’s uniquely safe
  • Ice is bagged automatically
  • Good for the environment

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