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our advantages

 Learn the benefits of partnering with Kooler Ice

our advantages

 Learn the benefits of partnering with Kooler Ice

Design Advantages

Ice is Automatically Bagged – So your customer isn’t doing the work! It’s fast, fun and sanitary! You won’t need to worry about stolen bags or dealing with frustrated customers who are trying to figure out how to bag the ice. With Kooler Ice, just push the button and go!

Low utility cost – All ice machines Kooler Ice manufactures feature heavy duty, insulated bins as part of our design which eliminates the need for refrigeration – lowering monthly utility cost and improving ROI.

Plug and Play Electronics – The most serviceable design on the market, very easy to service and replace any components since they simply unbolt and unplug. No electrician required!

Heavy Duty Aluminum Frame – Kooler Ice’s heavy duty aluminum tube frame will provide many years of service life and can be certified rebuilt down the road for unlimited service life –improving your investment life and resale value.

Multiple Bag Choices – Our machines offer 2 bag choices.  You can choose a 10lb bag and sell 10lbs & 20lbs (2 – 10lb bags) or you can choose a 16lb bag and sell 16lbs & 32lbs (2 – 16lb bags).  

Lexan – All machines are fitted with eye catching Lexan on all 4 sides for an eye catching look to help you sell more ice. The Lexan graphics feature the product, “ICE”, so customers can quickly identify the product offered by the machine.

Lighting – High quality, professionally designed light kits are available to accent your location and improve product visibility and awareness at night – increasing sales.

Optional Water Vending Station– Increase the revenue from your machine by adding the Filtered or Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water vending station.

Our EXCLUSIVE IceTalk™ Remote Monitoring System – This system allows our owners to manage their machines and track their sales REMOTELY. It is the best in the industry! A full list of benefits and features can be found on the “IceTalk” page.

Company Advantages

Branding – Kooler Ice is not a franchise and we do not charge franchise fees. However, Kooler Ice has steadily worked to develop a national brand in the ice vending industry. With over 1,600 machines working in 45 states, Australia, the Bahamas and Martinique, being associated with a quality brand means your customers will know what the machine is, how it works and the quality of the ice being dispensed. We have already done the hard work for you.

Whether you want to do an open house or market your machine to the community, we have a full stock of promotional items, including coupons, marketing materials and flyers to help you successfully and inexpensively market your machine! Need something special? Our in-house graphics department can assist you in any custom promotion. We are so much more than just an ice machine manufacturer!

Sales Support – Whether you need advice on a location, help developing a site lease, or drawings for a permit, …our trained sales consultants will help you through the process of researching and buying an ice vending machine – from start to finish.

After-Sale Support – After your ice and water vending machine is delivered, Kooler Ice will answer any questions and be there to assist you in growing your business. Our Service hotline is available 7 days a week from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. Our trained staff of service professionals will answer any question you have regarding your machine. We are also investing in a full “How To” service video library which will be available through the IceTalk portal to allow our owners to learn more about their machines, during or after business hours. If you need a part or consumable item, Kooler Ice’s parts staff is ready to take your call. With a large inventory of parts and maintenance items, we will have the part you need when you need it. You can also visit our new Kooler Ice on-line parts store.

Maintenance Support – Kooler Ice, or one of its authorized distributors, will do a full maintenance check and cleaning on your machine once every six months. Maintenance is critical to ensuring you get the full life out of your ice maker and components, and will help to keep your up-time high. If you would prefer to do the maintenance yourself, we will train you on how to do it and provide you with a checklist to make sure that it is done properly. A properly maintained machine will provide a higher resale value in the future if you plan to sell your machine down the road.

Kooler Ice is your partner in business. When you buy one of our machines you are getting a partner that cares about your success!