Choose the filtration system that best fits your needs

Filtration Packages

 Choose the filtration system that best fits your needs

Choose from 3 Different Filtration Packages

Across the U.S. there are large differences in water quality and as a result, one filtration system does not work across the whole U.S. This is why at Kooler Ice we offer three different filtration packages to match your filtration requirements to the water supply you have. This gives you the ability to sell the most high quality water possible. When selling water from your machine, choosing the right filtration package is critical to creating ultra purified water that is crisp, clean and refreshing. Offering a standout product is what will keep customers coming back to your machine.

When choosing your filtration system, a large determining factor in the filtration package that you choose will be the TDS count (Total Dissolved Solids) in your local water.  If your TDS counts are high, you will more than likely need Reverse Osmosis filtration.  It is the only filtration available on the market that will actually reduce total dissolved solids.

Do not be fooled by manufacturers that only offer one filtration system that does not remove Total Dissolved Solids!

With high TDS and no RO you will receive white cloudy ice cubes that dissolve easily and low quality drinking water.  This will ultimately lead to poor customer satisfaction and fewer repeat buyers.  Every water vending machine placed across the U.S. uses a reverse osmosis filtration system to purify the water, without this system you cannot offer high quality purified drinking water and high quality, crystal clear ice.  Regardless of your water quality, we can equip your machine with the filtration package to meet your needs.

Standard Filtration

4 Stage Process – Standard on all Kooler Ice Machines with Water Vending.

Used in areas of the country where water quality is high and total dissolved solids are low (<125 TDS)


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WHEN IS standard filtration recommended?

  • Standard Filtration is typically used when your incoming water source is good and has (Total Dissolved Solids) TDS <125.  The sediment filter removes larger impurities like dirt, sand, and rust while the two carbon filters remove chlorine and other chemicals that can produce a bad taste or odors.  After passing through these filters the UV Sterilization Light effectively eliminates up to 99.99% of any remaining microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses.  In areas of the country, where the TDS are low and the drinking water quality is high, a standard filtration system without RO is acceptable providing high quality drinking water and high quality ice.

Pro Filtration

5 Stage Process – Add Reverse Osmosis to your filtration system to offer customers the most purified ice and water possible. 

Used in areas where TDS are >125. FL, AZ, TX, CA, LA, OK, IL, OH, SC, NM, KS are typical states where TDS are 200-500. This means you will have poor incoming water supply with high impurities requiring Reverse Osmosis Filtration.


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When is PRO filtration recommended?

  • Pro Filtration is recommended in areas of the country where the incoming water supply is poor and there are high total dissolved solids > 125.  In some areas of Texas, New Mexico, Florida, and Arizona solids in the water can approach as high as 500+ TDS’s. High TDS’s means poor drinking water and ice cubes that are white and packed with impurities. The Pro Filtration Package includes a Reverse Osmosis Membrane to remove 95-99% of all solids in the water.  For example if your incoming water supply is 200 TDS, after going through the RO membrane, your TDS will drop to under 10 TDS.   All water vending machines in the U.S. generally come standard with a reverse osmosis filtration system designed to offer high quality drinking water and crystal clear ice cubes.

Pro-Plus Filtration

7 Stage Process – Add Triple Reverse Osmosis to your filtration system to offer customers the most purified ice and water possible while reducing waste water and water costs substantially. Only available on the IM1500 and IM2500.


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When is PRO-plus filtration recommended?

  • Pro-Plus Filtration is a Kooler Ice exclusive and not offered by any other Ice Vending Machine Company. It is recommended when incoming water source is poor and the TDS are high and the water/sewer costs in the area are high. With this system you can dramatically reduce your water costs by treating the water via three reverse osmosis membranes.  Each membrane utilizes the water from the previous membrane to significantly reduce the overall waste water while providing very high quality drinking water and crystal clear ice cubes.  While it’s rare to run out of RO water with the Pro Filtration System, for unusually high-demand locations where it’s a possibility, the Pro-Plus Filtration provides close to real time filtration meaning you will not run out of RO Water.

Why Add Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis has proven to be unmatched when it comes to removing impurities from water in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Through the use of water pressure and a semipermeable membrane, it removes foreign contaminants, solid substances, large molecules and minerals from water.

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Benefits of Reverse Osmosis

Highly Effective at Removing Contaminants – The RO membrane reduces TDS by 95%. For example, if the starting TDS in your water is 250, after passing through the RO membrane it will be 12.5.

Energy Efficient – An RO membrane does not require electricity. It simply uses water pressure and the material inside the membrane to remove contaminants

Cost Efficient –  By using little electricity, an RO system significantly reduces your electric bill. You also do not need to purchase a new membrane too often. Most membranes will have to be replaced about once every 18-24 months.

Removes Minerals – Reverse osmosis removes many of the minerals that produce hard water protecting the ice maker from any scale build up.