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KI810 Legacy Ice Vending Machine

The Original Kooler Ice Machine

KI810 (Legacy Model)

Kooler ice vending machines - ice vending machine business opportunity! -

The KI810 Ice Vending Machine is the original Kooler machine. After watching other manufacturers develop and introduce larger, more complex, and operationally expensive machines, we set out to design a more efficient and owner-friendly version.

Our goal was to offer an ice vending machine that was cost-friendly for soon-to-be business owners with more than adequate production to handle most locations – but one that could do so with a small footprint and low operation costs. The money our owners do not have to spend on setup and operating costs allows them to increase their bottom-line profits. This model is no longer in production; however, we still offer service to existing KI810 machine owners.

Kooler ice vending machines - ice vending machine business opportunity! -
Kooler ice vending machines - ice vending machine business opportunity! -

Machine Features

  • The KI810 design is compact, yet very productive. With its 850 lbs. of bin storage capacity, you will have 70+ bags of ice ready to vend each morning. The unit comes standard with (1) C1848 Ice Maker and is capable of producing an additional 84 bags of ice every 24 hours. The KI810 can be equipped with (2) C1848 icemakers to increase daily production to upwards of 200+ bags every day.
  • The new KI 810 is the larger version of the KI 510. With a larger bin capacity this model is designed to handle more traffic. As with the KI510 this machine vends both water and ice.
  • Ice Maker Scotsman is a world wide leader in ice machines and offers a large network of dealers and service centers throughout the U.S. We use “The Prodigy” line of ice makers due to their unmatched features, serviceability and support.
  • Siemens Control Panel Siemens has developed the electronics and PLC components for our machine. With this technology, the machine displays alerts and important machine functions on an LCD panel inside the machine. The LCD panel also has resettable counters to track sales.
  • IceTalk™ 4000 The IceTalk™ 4000 integrates the bill validator, coin exchanger, Siemens PLC and Scotsman ice maker providing the ability to transmit information from all four components to a website or smart phone for constant communciation with your machine.
  • Kooler Ice Monitoring System Monitor your Kooler Ice Machine remotely from your computer, smart phone, iPhone or iPad. The IceTalk™ System provides owners sales data by the hour and alerts for any change in the machines operation. Also provides the ability to vend ice remotely.

Machine Specifications

  • High Strength Aluminum Alloy Corrosion Free Frame
  • Food Grade Plastic Storage Bin and Drawer
  • 220 Volt Single Phase Power, 80 Amp Service
  • 3/4” Supply and Drain Line Hook Ups
  • Easy Access to All Components (Each Panel is a Door!)
  • Bag Tracking System on All Kooler Ice Bags
  • Adjustable Vend Rate Allows You To Set and Change Pricing
  • Easy Water Filter Changing Operation (Replace Every 6 Months)
  • Easy Bag Changing Operation (Done in Less Than 2 Minutes)
  • Machine has two buttons: Button A offers a 10 lb bag of ice Button B (Bulk Feature) offers
  • (2) 10 lb bags of ice
  • Dispenses One 10lb Bag of Ice in 10 Seconds
  • Storage Bin Capacity – 800 lbs (estimated).
  • Dimensions: 52W x 134D x 111H
  • The machine is already equipped to handle 2 ice makers.
  • Total machine weight – 2,600 lbs.
  • Bin capacity – 800
  • Automatic notification if machine runs out of ice or bags

Machine Options

  • One Vend Coupon
  • Heater
  • EPort Credit Card Reader




Kooler ice vending machines - ice vending machine business opportunity! -

Steve Watson in Texas

Steve Watson retired three years ago from a long career in the utilities industry. With time on his hands and some extra savings lying around, he decided that investing in a passive income would both keep him busy while also gaining him a positive return on his investment. Steve’s first machine is doing great and he is looking forward to purchasing his second one soon.

Kooler ice vending machines - ice vending machine business opportunity! -

Richard Moore in Georgia

Richard Moore, owner of Moore’s Auto Parts, started in the ice business back in 2009 in Covington, GA. After seeing several large expensive machines in the Covington area, Mr. Moore called Kooler Ice and purchased a KI810. After purchasing his first machine, Richard added 3 more machines over the next 5 years. Today Richard owns two KI810’s and two IM2500’s and is in the process of adding even more to his fleet.