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Ice and Water Vending Machine

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Water and ice dispenser service machine

No More Ice and Water Deliveries

Offers ADDED CONVENIENCE for your employees

Low Monthly Cost

Affordable. If you spend $800-$1000 or more per month on ice and water, you’ll save tens of thousands of dollars with this machine. Savings can be exponential, depending on your situation.

Premium Water Filtration

Offer customers the ability to fill 1-gallon to 5-gallon containers with fresh-filtered water on-demand.

ICETALK™ Remote Monitoring

Remotely manage their machines with a smartphone app, laptop, or desktop.

Tax Deductions

Qualifies for Section 179 tax deduction, which adds more savings for existing businesses that show a profit on your taxes.

Purified ICe and Water for better Hydration

The HYDRATION PRO  is an industrial strength ice and water dispensing machine that is built to last! It can be placed outside or inside your facility and connected to your existing water and electrical supply to produce an unlimited supply of fresh filtered water and up to 1900 lbs of ice daily.

For as little as $649 per month, you can take your Hydration Program to the next level!

  • Easy Push Button Controls – Simply push one button for ice and one button for water and the product will flow continuously until the button is released.
  • Adjustable Flow Tube – The machine allows for different size containers to be used. Simply raise and lower the tube dependent upon the container you are using.
  • Enclosed Serving Compartment – The clear plastic door is designed to help keep contaminants out of the water and ice service area.
  • Filtered Water – The unit comes standard with two water filters. The first unit is a carbon filter that removes sediment; the second filter polishes the water removing any odors or poor taste
  • RO Filtration – In areas where the water quality is poor or the TDS’s are higher than 150, an optional Reverse Osmosis (RO) system is required and will provide crystal clear ice and purified drinking water
  • “IceTalkTM” Machine Management System – The unit comes standard with our proprietary remote access monitoring system. This system will monitor important machine functions from your smart phone, iPad or laptop and will send alerts should there be any issues with the machine.
  • Designed for Indoor or Outdoor Use – The unit is durable enough to be placed outdoors, but can also be used in an indoor application – the choice is up to you.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Because the ice is made on site and on demand, there is no waste of the earth’s valuable resources, no toxic emissions bringing the product to you, and no residual harmful waste products. In addition, because the units do not require refrigeration to keep the ice frozen, it has lower utility demands as well. It naturally supports the “Living Green” philosophy.

Machine Dimensions:

Kooler ice vending machines | 

72″ Wide (Front) x 36″ Deep x 90″ Tall

Please take note of the following specifications:

  • Total Machine Weight: 1,115lbs
  • Bin Storage Capacity: Up to 450-500 lbs, depending on the ice maker selected.
  • 220V – Single Phase Electric with 60 amp Service
  • ¾” Water Supply Line with 2” Drainage Line
  • Sump Well with Sump Pump – To easily remove drain water from the machine.
  • Lexan Graphics – To give the machine a clean, neat, professional appearance.
  • The frame is constructed with high-strength, corrosion-free Aluminum Alloy.
  • Insulated Storage Bin is made from food-grade molded plastic.
  • Units require no refrigeration.
  • Easy change water filter (Replacement is recommended every six months)
  • Multiple Ice Maker Options – Owners may choose four different Scotsman Ice Maker options so you can design your machine based on your production requirements and the number of employees/people using the machine.
Scotsman Model# Max 24hr Production Storage Bin Capacity Unit Weight
C0630 776 lbs. 450-500 lbs. 950 lbs.
C1030 1077 lbs. 450-500 lbs. 995 lbs.
C1448 1553 lbs. 450-500 lbs. 1105 lbs.
C1848 1909 lbs. 450-500 lbs. 1115 lbs.
Kooler ice vending machines |
Kooler ice vending machines |

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