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Kooler Ice Machines

Future of Ice Vending

In the Spring of 2007, Kooler Ice Vending Machines disrupted the age old “packaged ice industry” by introducing the smallest, most productive ice vending machine ever designed. While others were focused on building larger ice houses, Kooler Ice was hard at work introducing a full line of smaller ice vending machines - that automatically bagged the ice at a lower cost and higher ROI. With over 1,400 machines installed world wide and the largest product line in Ice Vending, Kooler Ice is still reinventing the packaged ice industry!

High Return On Investment

No Employees to Manage

Little Time Commitment


Leaders In Innovation

Since 2007, Kooler Ice has been leading the way with the use of innovative technologies to make owning and operating an ice vending machine as efficient and affordable as possible. Over the last ten years, Kooler Ice has developed the largest product line in the ice vending industry and has introduced eight different, uniquely patented, ice vending models. These machines offer different features and price points that were designed to meet the production requirements of all owners and at any location. With over 1,300 machines operating in 43 states, Canada, Australia, French Martinique and the Bahamas, we understand how to operate in all weather conditions and environments.

High-strength, corrosion-free
aluminum alloy frame

Siemens Electronic
Cellular Modem

Communication System


IceTalk Remote Access

IceTalk™ is a web-based interface that allows you to monitor your Kooler Ice vending machine remotely from your computer or smartphone. Know what's going on with your ice vending machines at all times. There's no more wondering about status--what's going on is a cold, known fact.

Track ice and water sales by the
hour, day, week, month, and year

Set the machine to "free
vend" for special events

Receive service alerts to
monitor machine conditions


Real People, Real Revenue

  • "We are in the service business, and if we don’t give people the service they expect, they don’t need us! Kooler Ice understands the importance of service, and their service goes beyond the sale and what we expected. Their industry knowledge, maintenance options and rates made a huge difference in our decision. There are other companies we considered, but those companies did not have what it took to make us believe in them. Kooler Ice educated us about their products, let us experience a morning in the manufacturing plant to see the machines built, helped us choose which machines fit our needs, and walked us through the process of installing our machines and starting our new business venture."

    - Angel, Jacksonville, Florida
  • We installed our first Kooler Ice machine in April 2011, followed by our second one in July 2012. We have been extremely pleased with the quality, reliability and the ease of the routine maintenance. If support is needed from the manufacturer or the local dealer, they are easy to get in contact with and eager to assist. I love the way they can review online my machines functions and history in real time while I am on the phone with them. I am happy with the machine and service offered by Kooler Ice and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to enter the ice vending business.

    -Jerod, Ennis, Texas
  • I installed my first Kooler Ice machine in Dec 2012, and now I have my 5th machine on order. Their machines perform great and are very reliable. I also own another brand of a Ice Machine and if I need to call the factory all I get is a answering machine and cannot speak to a real person. And believe me as a new owner there are a lot of questions during your first year. At Kooler I can call my salesman Drew or even the owner and speak directly to one of them and get my answer immediately. Their tech support people actually own these machines so when you call one of them they actually know what your talking about and can walk you through any situation. I am very pleased with this company and highly recommend their machines.

    -Don, Oklahoma City
  • In the last 5 years, I have purchased 5 machines from Kooler Ice. I purchased a KI510, 2-KI810’s and 2-IM1000’s. The biggest reason I continue to purchase machines from Kooler Ice is their after sales support. Whether I call the parts line or service hotline, I can always get ahold of someone and they are always very friendly, very responsive and very easy to do business with! The machines are very well designed and if you are looking at getting into the Ice business, I highly recommend this company!

    -Jerry, West Monroe, Louisiana
  • I switched to Kooler Ice from a competitor for a number of reasons: cost effectiveness, scalability, easier start up (including utilities and installation), and fewer moving parts, making the machines easier to maintain. The folks at Kooler Ice are a pleasure to work with as well.

    -Neil, Bowling Green, Kentucky