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Choose from multiple equipment finance companies and find the best option to pay for your machine.

Kooler Ice has interviewed several companies to find financing partners for our owners who understand our business. Ascentium Capital, Leaf Financial and Marlin Capital Solutions have done an excellent job working with our customers in developing finance programs to meet the needs of their ice vending businesses!
Ascentium Capital
At Ascentium Capital, we understand that access to capital is critical for growth and progress in vending opportunities. It allows companies to invest in themselves and the revenue-generating equipment their businesses need to grow, no matter what the current market conditions are. We offer financing on Kooler Ice equipment nationwide. We offer 100% financing options which can be customized to fit your specific needs.

Whether expanding into the new location, new product or simply adding new technology to improve operations, LEAF provides the funding for big ideas. LEAF finances everything, usually with no down payment. That means you have more cash available to grow your business.
Marlin understands that small business owners need fast, flexible capital solutions built for their needs — solutions that work on your timeline, inside your budget and with your cash flow. That’s why we structure our solutions specifically for small business. So you can keep going, keep growing and never skip a beat.

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