Thank you for your Interest

Leasing your land for a Kooler Ice vending machine represents a unique opportunity to increase your revenue and drive traffic to your property increasing its value. 

Here’s how it works: 

Step 1:  Local investors, who are interested in earning a passive income, purchase machines from Kooler Ice. 

Step 2:  Before buying the machine however, they search for strategic locations like yours to operate.  As a landowner,  you provide the prime real estate, and in return, receive a steady stream of rental income. Kooler Ice plays a supportive role, facilitating a smooth dialogue between you and the investor to ensure both parties reach a mutually beneficial agreement. 

Step 3:  Once terms are settled, the investor takes on the operational reins, managing everything from installation to day-to-day machine maintenance and operation.  

For you, this means a hassle-free experience, an enhanced property value, and a consistent revenue source.   A win-win-win relationship.