IM1500 Owner – Mark Kramer (Jacksonville, FL)

Kooler Ice

October 2, 2020
Congratulations to Mark Kramer from Jacksonville, FL! Mark started his ice vending business back in 2015 by adding an IM2500 to one of his three car washes. This machine did so well that he added an IM2500 to his second car wash in 2018 and a brand new IM1500 to his third location this month!
Mark became interested in the ice vending business because of its similarities to the car wash business. There is no need for employees and minimal maintenance required. This allows him to make money while he does the things that he loves, such as golfing, fishing and enjoying time with his family.
Mark strategically placed his new machine close to the road and had LED lights installed on the machine giving customers the ability to purchase ice and water 24/7! Thank you for your continued business, Mark, and best of luck with your new IM1500!
To learn more about how Mark started his ice business with Kooler Ice checkout his testimonial video.

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