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3 Important Tips on placing your ice vending machine!
You have heard it many times before ­- “It’s all about location!” In the ice vending business, this statement also holds true.

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September 21, 2015

Kooler ice vending machines - ice vending machine business opportunity! -You have heard it many times before ­- “It’s all about location!” In the ice vending business, this statement also holds true. The location where you place your machine will ultimately determine your success! So take the time to find the right location and check out these three important criteria to consider!

Here are three important criteria to consider:

When placing a machine at a retail location where customers are already buying ice, visibility is important. But, if the unit is being placed into a stand-alone application, visibility is critical. You need to be able to easily see the machine from the road and from a vehicle. If you do not have good visibility, then look elsewhere. When you find what you believe is a good spot, it is only natural to want to locate the machine where you have easy access to the water and electrical hook ups. However – be careful! Do not sacrifice visibility to save money on hooking up electric and water.

What you save in cost and convenience can cost you much more long term if it affects the convenience and visibility of the machine for prospective customers. When driving down the road, the closer the machine is to the road, the better! You want people driving by your machine to instantly recognize it and to be able to quickly pick it out from other objects, buildings, etc.

Easy Access and Egress:
As you consider the placement of your machine, it is very important that the location be easily accessible from the road. It should not be difficult to enter into
or exit from the parking lot. Two entrances are always better than one, and corner lots are great. And always consider larger vehicles or trucks with trailers when evaluating a site. If your site is not easily accessible then look elsewhere!

Traffic Count:
Know your traffic count! While too much traffic may be a problem, not enough traffic may be a problem as well. The sweet spot is generally in the
10,000 to 20,000 cars per day range. There are locations that do very well with less traffic count, and some that do well with more; so while you should know your traffic count, there are additional variables that come into play.

Finding a good location is the key to your success. We would be happy to do a site evaluation in person or via Google Maps to help you assess your location and
help you determine the best place to locate your machine, as well as review other factors to consider before settling on your location. So, do your research and call us to learn more about what makes a good site!

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