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Don’t Let Your Ice Vending Profits Melt Away
Before you buy an Ice Vending machine make sure you understand how well the bin is insulated. 

Kooler Ice

February 12, 2024

So you have researched Ice and Water Vending Machines, but have you compared ice bin designs and the insulation properties that are being used to preserve the ice?  

Before you buy an Ice Vending machine make sure you understand how well the bin is insulated.  A simple way to do this is to ask one question.  What is the R-Value of the material around the bin, or how thick is the foam insulation that is being injected into the walls of the ice storage bin? 

When buying an Ice Vending Machine, it is critical that you purchase a machine that keeps the hot air out and the cold air in.  Simply put, there has to be a barrier between the ice in the bin, and the hot air outside of the machine.  If there is no barrier or if the barrier is too thin, then your ice will melt much quicker and your electric and water costs will go up as your ice maker runs more to replenish the ice that is melting in the bin.  A good analogy is when you put ice into a cheaper low-end cooler vs a high-end cooler, your ice will melt much faster in the cheaper cooler.  The better the barrier, the thicker the insulation, the longer your ice will last, and the lower your utility cost will be.  If you plan to own your machine for years, paying more for a high-quality machine with a well-insulated bin could save you thousands of dollars in utility expenses over the life of the machine – putting more money in your pocket!



Kooler Ice figured out the perfect balance between melt, R-Value, and foam insulation 10+ years ago when we pioneered our double-walled insulated ice storage bins and removed the refrigeration unit from our machines.  By removing the refrigeration unit our customers saved $300-$400 per month in operating expenses, which equates to thousands of dollars saved over the lifetime of the machine.   

All our machines feature this proprietary roto-molded foam-injected bin design.   After our bins are molded, we have polyurethane foam injected in between the walls of the bin providing a very strong, and very well-insulated product.  For every inch of foam, the R-Value provided is roughly 6 so if you have 2 inches of foam injected into your bin walls, you will have an R-Value of 12.  If you have 2”-5”  of foam injected into the walls, like on our IM1500/IM2500, the R-Value ranges from 12 to 30.  The higher the R-Value the better the bin will be in preserving ice, keeping the hot air out and utility costs low.  Having a well-insulated machine is critical in the summer heat when temperatures can reach 100+ degrees. So don’t let your hard-earned dollars melt away with an inferior bin design that has little or no insulation.  

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