Financing Options for Kooler Ice Equipment

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February 12, 2024

Investing in a Kooler Ice Machine can add a significant new income stream. The good news is that plenty of financing options are available to make this investment more manageable. 

Considering the Cost of the Equipment:

Kooler Ice Vending Machines can vary in cost depending on the model, its features, where it’s being delivered, the local tax rate, the local climate, etc. We can take the guesswork from cost analysis and provide rough estimates and firm quotes. Your Regional Sales Manager is happy to assist you with this information.

Exploring Different Financing Options:

Kooler Ice does not offer in-house financing; however, financing is a pretty straightforward process and typically done in one of two ways:

  1. Financing through a local bank is the most popular method of financing for getting into this business.  Most banks will treat the machine as collateral and require 10-30% down as equity, depending on your bank situation – similar to a car note.  We would recommend printing a copy of a machine brochure and pricelist and taking those to your first bank meeting to discuss getting pre-approved.  Most banks are familiar with the industry and should be able to provide feedback about what they’ll need from you to get it done.
  2. Equipment financing can be an excellent option if you already own a business with established credit. This method allows for 100% financing of your Kooler Ice Machine without tying up any personal lines of credit. They will also allow you to roll in your site prep costs, which means you can fund your entire purchase without providing any upfront capital. 

There are two companies that we  recommend for equipment financing: 

CapCity Finance and LEAF.

You can contact CapCity Finance or VendLease/LEAF for more information about their services.

Bob Gilligan with LEAF

Scott Linton with CapCity Finance


Making Sure You Qualify: 

Most lenders require a credit score of 550 – 600 or higher. Remember, to work with one of the above-listed companies, you must already have an existing business with established credit, as they only do commercial loans. Otherwise, your best bet is to go through your local bank and make a down payment, typically 20-25%.

Gathering required information:

As mentioned above, for your first bank meeting, take a copy of the price list and a copy of a machine brochure and explain what you want to do. Most banks are familiar with the Ice Vending Industry. They will let you know what they need from you to be preapproved for the loan. If you need more information from us or have questions, don’t hesitate to contact your Regional Sales Manager for assistance. If you are still waiting for the feedback after your first meeting, we recommend shopping around with several banks. Community, Regional, and National banks all finance our equipment.

Learning about other financing options:

The two financing options mentioned above constitute well over 90% of the loans for Kooler Ice Equipment. If you cannot qualify for one of these two types of loans, consider looking into a Small Business Administration (SBA) Loan. SBA loans take longer to process, and working with a bank specializing in SBA loans is essential so that the process is not prolonged. Kooler Ice, Inc. has a “franchise registry listing” with the SBA. For more information and bank recommendations in your area, visit


Investing in a Kooler Ice Machine can be a lucrative opportunity, and several financing options are available to make this investment more accessible. Whether you choose to finance through a local bank or opt for equipment financing, there are solutions to suit various needs and circumstances. As always, Kooler Ice is here to assist and support you on your journey to owning a Kooler Ice Machine.  Call 1-800-858-3025 Ext. 1 for Sales if you need assistance.  


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