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While you might not be thinking about the resale value of your ice vending machine now or focused on updating the machine in 10-15 years with new features or components, the decisions you make today will have a big impact on these two issues down the road.   

When it comes to durability, rebuildability, and resale value, the type of frame you have in your machine will determine the longevity of the product.  So it is critical that you ask your salesman one simple question.  What type of frame is underneath the exterior of the machine?   

Kooler Ice uses heavy-duty aluminum alloy tubing to construct its frames.  Aluminum alloy tubing is strong, durable, and will not rust!  This means your resale value will be high as the machine can operate for 10, 15, and 20+ years.  

While Kooler Ice uses a heavy-duty aluminum alloy to build its frames, some manufacturers are building their machines using a wood structure inside the unit, others are using powder-coated metal that once nicked will rust.    While it may not be a big deal now when your machine is pretty and newly purchased, it will become a big deal when you go to resell that unit or if you choose to update that unit with new components or features down the road.  

With any product – a tractor, car, truck, boat, etc, the frame is a critical keystone to the longevity of any mechanical product and the resale value of that product.  If the frame rusts or deteriorates over time, then your resale value will drop. No one wants to put money into a machine where the frame is visibly rusting or deteriorating.  A simple nick with a wrench on a powder-coated steel frame can start rusting immediately and since ice vending machines use water to make ice, this problem is only worsened due to the environment.   

If you are buying a machine and placing it near the coast, natural wood or powder-coated metal is not a good choice when operating around the ocean or in a salty environment.  

When it comes to calculating your return on investment, while the upfront costs are important, you also need to take into account what the resale value or salvage value of that asset will be when you sell the machine down the road.  This is the only way to truly calculate your return on investment.  The type of frame you have underneath your product will make a big impact on your resale value and your ROI.   So before you purchase your machine simply ask “What materials are you using to build your frame?  The frame you purchase will have a big impact on your return on investment greatly!