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The IM1500 ice vending machine is the perfect blend of performance, production, and price!

The Kooler Ice IM1500 is setting the standard in ice vending by providing the largest production potential in a frame that is less than 6 feet wide or 8 feet deep!

The new IM1500 was designed using years of research and development. The IM1500 offers outstanding technology designed to maximize efficiencies in ice production and ice storage while reducing both electric and water costs. The IM1500 is a perfect blend of production, price and performance – setting a new standard in the ice vending industry.

The IM1500 is the perfect stand alone machine. The unit was designed to provide big production with a reduced footprint and will easily fit in one parking space requiring less than 50 sq. feet to place the unit. With a 1500lb. Ice storage bin and the ability to add 1 or 2 ice makers, the IM1500 will meet most production requirements.

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IM600 & IM600XL

IM600 & IM600XL

Introducing the smallest,

most productive,

most versatile

Ice and Water Vending Machines ever built – the IM600 & IM600XL!

The IM600 ice vending machine is a uniquely versatile ice and water machine that was designed to go inside the store, outside the store, or even stands alone in a parking lot. It offers owners multiple ways to configure the ice vending machine so that it can be individually tailored in the way that will best suit your business; from multiple payment options to including a water vending option (the IM600XL) from the same machine!

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